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Dr Jireh Seow

Entrepreneur | Investor | Global Citizen

Director, i2e – The Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Center and Assistant Professor
SP Jain School of Global Management



Dr Jireh Seow runs Jaguars’ Den (JagDen), a startup entrepreneurship competition, and other types of business competitions such as hackathons and markethons at SP Jain School of Global Management. Apart from being a professor, he is an entrepreneur and investor who has co-founded startups. He is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (recently renamed Advance HE), a British independent non-profit professional organisation committed to researching and communicating world-class teaching and learning methodologies and practices

As a global citizen who has lived in over 10 countries, he has been educated in institutions of higher learning in three continents: North America, Asia, and Europe. Furthermore, he was a recipient of numerous scholarships and awards which funded his global education; one highlight was winning a full sponsorship to be in an Antarctic expedition and to be mentored under Robert Swan, OBE (the first person to walk to both the South Pole and the North Pole).


  • PhD, Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University, UK
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy University of Reading, UK
  • Postgraduate Certificate, Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University, UK


Startup Bootcamp

Develop an exciting business idea, learn the fundamentals of starting your own business and get set for launch!

Duration: 30 Hours



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  • British Academy of Management
  • Academy of Management, USA
  • Higher Education Academy, UK