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Dr CJ Meadows

Director, i2e – The Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Center | Head, Global MBA –
Consulting Management | Professor
SP Jain School of Global Management



One of Asia's Top 10 Women in IT, Dr CJ Meadows leads a Design Thinking & Innovation Center at SP Jain School of Global Management, creating growth initiatives at the intersection of IT, business strategy, and design. Her research, consulting, and coaching focus on Leadership & Creativity. She co-founded an Advanced Technology Think Tank & Tinker Lab, envisioning the Future of Work (FoW) and Education, applying AI, biometrics, and other advanced technologies to leadership development, team productivity, and group innovation.

She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration & IT from Harvard Business School and has over 20 years’ experience in Asia, Europe, and North America as a consultant, coach, entrepreneur, dot-com builder, innovation lab co-founder, and Accenture IT & Business Strategy consultant.


  • Doctorate in Business Administration, Harvard Business School, USA (1996)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), ICPA (1988)
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA), ICMA (1989)
  • Bachelor of Science (Accounting), University of Missouri – Columbia, USA (1986)


Innovation and Design Thinking

Learn how the world’s top design consultancy creates new products and services people really want

Duration: 30 Hours



  • Has taught at INSEAD, Harvard, Asian Institute of Management and National University of Singapore and for MNCs, both privately and with Singapore Management University


  • Co-Principal of MMA Consulting & MMA Family Office
  • Serial Entrepreneur, multi-industry across three continents
  • Executive Director, Chair, and Co-Founder of The Tiger Center, a groundbreaking social enterprise in central India
  • Director & Strategist – Scient (now part of Razorfish)
  • Accenture IT practice (Washington, DC) & Strategy Practice (Singapore/Asia)
  • Innovation Through Fusion: Combining Innovative Ideas to Create High-Impact Solutions (multimedia book)
    2020. De Gruyter. (available on Amazon)

    Just as nuclear fusion produces massive energy from combining two nuclei, a fusion in business, technology, and the arts can release massive value — creating whole new companies, industries, and human capabilities. Examples of the fusion technique for high-value, radical innovation are presented in this unique collection of stories. This book is a global research study of 30 world-class innovators who have collectively created billions of dollars’ worth of business value, as well as new advances in the arts and sciences that bring joy to the world and can save millions of lives. Insights from the journeys of the innovators provided in this book will help leaders, organisations, and individuals succeed in their innovative endeavours. In addition, each chapter provides a link to a short video that provides further insights, mostly from the innovators themselves.

    Innovation through Fusion is essential reading for individual innovators who would like to create the future; teams and organisations that need to craft radical or high-value innovations (especially across organisational silos); and leaders concerned about declining returns on innovation efforts and uncertain about organisational survival in a disruptive world. The author provides a new model of lateral innovation — useful both as an innovation process and as a framework to assess your lateral innovation capabilities. The book is replete with value-creation examples of lives saved, billions of dollars of savings/growth, and new products, services, and companies, as well as stories of leading lateral innovators—who they are and how they succeeded.
    See publication
  • Innovation Through Fusion: High-Value Lateral Innovation Intro (audio/video book/community)
    2020. Gnowbe Group, Ltd. (available on Gnowbe and Amazon)

    This book introduces you to the "next wave" of innovation – high-value fusions across industries, fields, technologies, nations, social classes, and more. You'll learn why it's important, how it's done, and examples of world-class lateral innovation.
    See publication
  • Innovation Through Fusion: Method, Stories, and Community (audio/video book/community)
    2020. Gnowbe Group, Ltd. (available on Gnowbe and Amazon)

    How can we create big value again with innovation, and what will humans do, anyway, in the age of robots? We’ll cross the boundaries we’ve set up – boundaries of industry, field, nation, and more – and create the radical, novel, and unexpected.

    But how? Just as nuclear fusion produces massive energy from combining two nuclei, a Fusion in business, technology, and the arts can release massive value – creating whole new companies, industries, and human capabilities. These 30 “Fusioneers” have done it. Their stories are here, with a framework and insights, so more of us might create more good in the world, as they have – with Fusion.
    See publication
  • Developing Future Skilled Workforce to Manage Business and Society.
    7th International Symposium on Creativity For Sustainable Education, Jyväskylän, Finland, 20 - 21 April 2020. Authors: Charvi Parikh, K. Maddulety, CJ Meadows.
  • Improving Creative Ability of Base of Pyramid (BOP) Students
    Thinking Skills and Creativity. Vol. 36, June 2020, 100652. Authors: Charvi Parikh, K. Maddulety, CJ Meadows.
  • "Fusion - Cross Domain Research on Cross Domain Innovation" Proceedings of the 2nd UUM Qualitative Research Conference (QRC), 2016
  • "What Do Harvard, Calcutta Slums, Fundamentalists, and Mouse Designers Have in Common? Reaching Out to Educate the World" Harvard Education Review (submitted)
  • "Chaos, Fusion, & Design Thinking" Career360
  • "When Robots Take My Job" Career360
  • Why My Blonde Son Thought He Was Chinese: The Fusion Family, TEDx, 2015
  • A Week in Kanha: Tigers & Others in India, The Tiger Center, 2009
  • Tigers in the Living Forest: Wildlife of Kanha, India, The Tiger Center, 2009
  • Sharks in the Living Seas: Wildlife of Our World's Oceans, The Tiger Center, 2009
  • "Building Competitive Advantage in the Knowledge eConomy", Knowledge Management and Business Model Innovation. Yogesh Malhotra (ed). Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing, 2001.
  • White paper: Mapping & Mining Your Core Competence: The Knowledge Matrix. Andersen Consulting, 1999.
  • White paper: Putting Strategy into Risk Management. Andersen Consulting, 1999.
  • For discussion series: Managing Risk Strategically: The Case for a Chief Risk Officer. Andersen Consulting, 1999.
  • Corporate Risk Management: A Strategic and Operational Approach. Asian Institute of Management, JBF Banking Centre Working Paper Series, 1999.
  • "Managing Successful International Business Relationships." The Asian Manager, January 1999.
  • "Managing eTeams." The Asian Manager, January 1998.
  • Report: GlobeWork: Managing in the New "Wired" World. Praxis R&C, 1997.
  • "Global Collaboration: A Proposed Framework for Forging Cooperative Relationships." The Organizational Dimensions of Global Change. Academy of Management, 1995.


  • Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Singapore
  • TiE – The Indus Entrepreneurs

Board Memberships:

  • Social Capital Institute
  • SP Jain Academic Board
  • iCube Consortium
  • Center of Excellence for Happiness
  • Albatross Foundation
  • Create2Donate

Media Appearances & Coverage

  • Speaker at international platforms such as CNBC, Bloomberg, TEDx, YPO/WPO, Channel News Asia, MIT Technology Review, INK, TiE, corporate events and conferences. Topics include lateral-innovation research (Fusion), design thinking, disruption, eBusiness, globalisation and more.

Conferences & Workshops

  • Creative Leadership (corporate workshops)
  • Disruption & Types of Innovation (corporate workshops)
  • THINK+ AI & HI (corporate workshops)

Awards & Recognition

  • 50 Fabulous EduTech Leaders (2019)
    By World Education Congress
    Recognised as a leader doing extraordinary work to develop people in this age of disruption in work and learning.
  • Top 10 Women in IT, Asia (2019)
    By Bonhill Group, LLP
    Named as one of Asia's Top 10 Women in IT by Bonhill Group, LLP, a leading media company serving the international Technology, Financial Services and Diversity business communities.